Computerised approach to monitoring production line

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The Redzone Production System

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Manufacturers monitoring production flow of goods using London-made software and technology

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Retrieval and Fishing Tools

We believe that the best way to understand Itad is to see what we do. Our track record gives a rich picture of our skills and expertise, and the countries and sectors in which we work. Once a production company has drilled a well, it needs to move quickly to complete it and get the production on line.

Because the applications are data driven with fully automatic mapping, users can easily configure assets, wells, operator responsibilities and other data, saving engineering and programming costs.

Another benefit is the production assurance that a condition monitoring system provides. The system can identify developing faults with enough lead time to properly schedule maintenance during planned downtimes, avoiding unnecessary and expensive plant shutdowns.

In addition to more efficient operation, the cellular approach gives the teams assigned to each cell more responsibility and accountability. The company’s bonus system, established at the same time as the cells, is based on the performance of the team in each cell as determined by how well it meets production targets for that cell.

The Lut revolution is a non-contact, ultrasonic thickness, temperature and length measuring system based on laser-ultrasonics, optical pyrometer and laser-velocimeter technologies.

In laser-ultrasonic technology, the sensor launches a high-frequency sound pulse into the tube at a precise location. The reliability of the production line is closely linked to the operating status of the device.

In order to ensure the reliability of equipment operation, this paper puts forward the visual modeling of the intelligent monitoring in the production line based on UML modeling. On the basis of the system analysis, a modeling which provides a unified visualization for all stages of the design and.

Computerised approach to monitoring production line
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