Product line of maggi

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Spaetzle are tiny Swiss-style dumplings Serve this authentic dish tossed with butter, cream sauce or gravy Serve these dumplings as a satisfying main course or as a. Extending product line. Stylistic product changes.


COMPARING PRICES Reduced the cost of 2min noodles. Noodles(masala);; Curry; Soup; Market share In Maggi brand worth was billion from billion market worth in Maggi Noodle is Market leader with around 80% market share in Noodles/Pasta.

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Nestlé’s Half-Billion-Dollar Noodle Debacle in India

Discover the full range of MAGGI products, feel good about creating great tasting meals your family will love. Maggi products help bring out the best in every meal. Quick and easy solutions - like bouillons, soups, seasonings and sauces - to aid cooking and add flavour. Quick and easy solutions - like bouillons, soups, seasonings and sauces - to aid cooking and add flavour.

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Product line of maggi
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