Products liability outline

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Product liability under the Consumer Protection Act

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] PUNITIVE DAMAGES AND STRICT PRODUCTS LIABILITY: AN ESSAY IN OXYMORON ELLEN WERTHEIMER* I. INTRODUCTION (ourts have frequently awarded punitive damages in strict prod. Products Liability Exam Outline Outline for an exam question for PL: figure out what it is that the manufacturerdid improperly, usually the untak.

Product Liability - Historical Development

H. Delegability (like duty issue in neg): in all cases P says I was in environmnt w/ product, totality of which unreas, D says not our obligation, not our product, someone else s/h put on safety device, etc. Mark Geistfeld – Products Liability – Attack Outline.

1. 1) EARLY PRODUCT LIABILITY a) Concepts – Privity, between two products, liability disrespects the role of consumer choice (Linegar) (1) RTT § 2(b) cmt.

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e – Some products are so unreasonable that there is liability. Products liability law requires that the manufacturer, distributor, and/or seller of a product bear responsibility for injuries caused by that product if the product is defective in its design, manufacture, or marketing.

A product can be defective in a number of ways. Remember that products liability is not strict liability, it is defect liability. A plaintiff still has to prove-up duty, breach, cause and harm, only the duty part isn’t a question of negligence, it’s a question of defect.

Products liability outline
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